Adaptors are using when joining one pipe material to another, at SVR Plastics we have the ability to fabricated adaptors to suit almost any applications.

Using a range of materials and techniques we can make adaptors to suit Twinwall, Sewer, Clay, Steel, Concrete and even steel flanges with a variety of drilling options.

All of our adaptors can be altered to suit our customer’s needs, meaning any arrangement of spigots and socketed can also be catered for.

Sewerage Pipe Adaptors

Sewerage pipe adaptors are the most common adaptors used in small-scale construction especially newer housing sites, these adapt to and from the various manufacturers of sewerage pipe.

They allow the changing of manufacturers inline, which saves costs and time tracking down matching fittings or removing existing drains.

Also available are sewerage to twin wall, clay steel and concrete.

Twin Wall Pipe Adaptors

Twin wall pipe adaptors are most commonly seen in large-scale construction and the civil engineering industry, these adapt to and from various twin wall pipe manufacturers.

As external diameter can have large variances from manufacturer to manufacturer these are quite commonly used on sites were work has previously taken place or when feeding internal drainage to an external storm water systems. 

Also available are twin wall to PVC, clay steel and concrete.

Clay Pipe Adaptors

Clay pipe is most commonly seen in older drainage systems either household or larger scale. These fittings adapt to and from clay pipe from various manufacturers.

Used mainly when adding new drains to older systems where customer or contractor has opted to use clay but the existing systems fittings are unavailable. 

Also available are clay to twin wall, steel, concrete and PVC.