Risers, Steps and Accessories

A variety of risers, steps and accessories are available to suit Rotoniv chamber bases.

From riser pieces to rounded base units for the chambers themselves.

Each Rotoniv chamber accessories are design to match up perfectly with their chamber bases. They are made using the same rotational moulding technology with the same materials; so the high resistance and lightweight qualities of Rotoniv’s bases are carries over into all of the accessories available.

Fiberglass Steps

Designed to fit into Rotoniv’s pieces, these steps slot into pre-made sections up the side of the riser.

Once they are pushed into position they lock in place providing a stable platform to enter the chamber.

By using Rotoniv’s steps the need to drill into the wall of the chamber is removed; reducing risk of water ingress, lowering labour costs and reducing time spent on site.

Please Note: In accordance with UK health and safety legislation and the confined spaces act 1997; ladders and steps are only available fitted in inspection chambers from 1000m diameter and upwards.

Cover Sections

These sections connect directly to Rotoniv’s raising pieces and are designed to allow easy cover installation. These sections reduce the overall diameter of a chamber to 600mm; acting in a similar manner to restrictor caps.

This not only reduces the size of the cover required but also acts as a deterrent, reducing the chance of unauthorised access from children or vandals.

Available as either a standard conical section with minimal height increase or a section complete with ladder recesses for deeper chambers.

All diameters of Rotoniv chambers are compatible with both types of reducing section.

Rotational Moulded Risers

Rotoniv manufacturer two distinct types of risers pieces for their chamber bases.

The first are standard risers, these can be used for shallow inspection chambers i.e. where no steps are required.

The second are risers complete with built in recesses suited to Rotoniv’s fiberglass steps, these are large then the standard risers so less are required.

Both varieties of risers are available to suit all diameters of chambers bases.

Round Bottom Bases

These unique bases are designed for use in areas with a steep incline.

The round base allows inlets and outlets at any angle and water will always exit at the lowest available point.

They are designed to be used in small numbers over a long incline, reducing costs compared to a step configurations using multiple normal chambers (see right).

Cover Sections

Cover Sections

Rotational Moulded Risers

Rotational Moulded Risers

Round Bottom Bases (left) - Traditional Step Method, Using Round Bottom Chambers (right)

Round Bottom Bases (left) - Traditional Step Method, Using Round Bottom Chambers (right)