SVR Plastics have teamed up with ROTONIV, one of the world leaders in rotational and injection moulded manhole bases.

Since its establishment in 2004, the company has produced thousands of products for the sewage lines industry, including manholes, inspection chambers, concrete combined PE bases and septic tanks. In addition, ROTONIV provides design and production facilities for specialized customer-oriented products in various fields: agriculture,

recycling or playground equipment.

From the beginning, ROTONIV has aimed to improve an existing product: the plastic sewage manhole. The company’s designers have looked at all the existing alternatives and asked professionals for improvement ideas.

For durability, ease of use and installation.

Thus, ROTONIV bases share the same design philosophy:

“Zero” level, Integral male spigot system

Minimal “drops” from inlet channels to the main channel (bench) User-friendly female entries, that are followed

by wider inlet channels to allow easy pipe manipulation and alignment.

These bases and manholes are suitable for various pipe diameters from DN110 to DN400.

Now, with a new line of DN600 injected manholes, the plastic sewage manhole takes a meaningful leap forward again. Later this year, an even larger revolution will emerge for a new type of DN1000 manholes, which will stand a Class E vertical load.

Simultaneously, ROTONIV keeps on improving the full range of time proven and durable manholes, available in DN400, DN600, DN800 and DN1000 diameters – suitable for various pipe diameters from DN100 to DN500.

ROTONIV is ISO9001:2008 certified and its products comply with EN13598 – 1 and 2 standards.

ROTONIV focuses on continuous improvement and innovation, by means of computer-aided simulations and in-house design to create new products and validate changes from one diameter to another.



800mm Diameter

800mm Diameter

1000mm Diameter

1000mm Diameter

1000mm Diameter

1000mm Diameter