Bespoke Fabrications

Perforated Pipe

A more traditional form of land drainage, sometimes known as a French drain is a more domestic version of fin drain suitable for gardens, small-scale construction and landscaping. These pipes are perforated either round the full circumference or halfway.

They rely on the same principles as fin drain, providing a ‘path of least resistance’ for water to travel down to a main drainage system or to be dispersed in a different area.

Available from 80mm to 150mm as standard with large sizes available to order. Coils of pipe are available in either 25m or 59m and pipe in 6m lengths are also available.

Puddle Flanges

Puddle flanges are designed to prevent liquid from penetrating a structure. This occurs when water or any other liquid is able to travel on the external surface of a pipe. This can happen in any number of situations, most commonly when part or all of the pipe is immersed in water during its use i.e. swimming pools and ponds, but it can also occur when pipes are occasionally underwater, i.e. storm water outlets and any outlets that may be subject to flooding.

Puddle flanges prevent water migration by providing a barrier on the external surface of the pipe as shown in the diagram.

Puddle flanges are made to order so any size and diameter can be accounted for, including flanges for multiple pipes.

Gas Extraction

Because all pipes from SVR can be air tested and sealed, they are suitable for use in gas extraction systems. This is enhanced by the option of specialist fittings for the purpose of removing/transporting unwanted gasses. Mainly used on landfills for the removal and dispersal of methane and other harmful substance, these fittings can be used for ventilation as seen below.