duct fittings

duct fittings

A full range of duct fittings, bends and junctions are available.

Our in-house manufacturing facility is certain to supply all your needs.

We can manufacture duct fittings to adapt to and from any other pipe, from twin wall to PVC and concrete.

We manufacture long radius bends and can be made to suit almost any radius, over a large range of diameters.

Duct fittings, bends & junctions

Angles of bends range from 90° to 11.25° and custom angles can be fabricated on request.

Junctions range from 90° ‘T’ and 45° ‘Y’ junctions to more complex items like the double swept bend and unequal junctions.

Junctions can also be made to order specific to customers requirements and specifications. Ducting spacers are available to specific customer requirements and specifications.

All duct fittings can also be made to adapt to and from any other pipe e.g. twin wall, PVC or concrete.

Long radius bends can be manufactured to almost any radius, over a large range of diameters ensuring our customers needs are always met.

Couplers are used simply to join to existing pieces of pipe together, usually of the same manufacture.

Bell mouths provide a smooth duct end whilst stopping the duct from pushing into the chamber and restricting access on the inside.

All duct fittings can be air tested for use in sealed, watertight systems.


Duct Fittings