sewer pipe fittings

sewer pipes

sewer pipe fittings

The SVR sewer pipe fittings range offers a wide variety of sizes available in terracotta and grey uPVC All fittings can be spark tested for sealed systems, and are available in 22.5º, 45º, 67.5º and 90º angles for junctions, saddles and bends.

All fittings can be adapted to accept twin wall, clay, concrete and steel pipes.

The flexibility and quality of this range ensures satisfaction and confidence when using these products.

Sewer Pipe Fittings

Fabrication in either classic terracotta or grey, all sewer pipe fitting can be adapted to suit any other material e.g. clay, twin wall, steel etc.

All PVC pipe fittings are available which includes saddles, gullies, bends complete with inspection hatches, reducers, ‘P’ traps plus many more.

Junctions are available in 45˚ and 90˚ angles and come in either equal or unequal spigots.

Bends range from 11.25˚ up to 90˚ and custom bends are available upon request.

Sewer fittings can be air tested for use in sealed watertight systems.

Moulding Sewerage Fittings

A range of moulded sewerage fittings are available to order to suit any pipe manufacturer up to 300mm.

These fittings cover a wide variety of options including all standard bend angles, 45˚ and 90˚ junctions, couplers and gullies among others.

Ideal for use when only standard fittings are required as turnaround times are reduced due to the fittings needing no alteration or fabrication.

All standard fittings are available as well as manufacturer specific items.

Moulding Sewerage FittingsSewer Long Radius Bends