testing drainage

testing drainage

At SVR Plastics all of our twin wall pipes are rigorously tested prior to dispatch to ensure compliance with all standards and codes of practice.

We test our pipes and fittings using the following method:

Air Testing

The procedure SVR Plastics use to air test our pipe, fittings and bends is as follows:

  1. Seal the ends of the pipe and connectors or fittings with expanding stoppers.
  2. Fill a U-tube manometer with water to the required level without any trapped air bubbles.
  3. Connect the manometer to the port of one of the sealed stoppers.
  4. Increase the pressure until 100mm of water (0.01 bar) is achieved.
  5. Let the pressure stabilise for 5 minutes and then increase the pressure to 100mm head of water if it drops.
  6. Record the pressure after 5 minutes. It should not drop below 75mm head of water without any additional pumping.

Passed pipes are certified safe for use in sealed systems and are labelled with the test serial number prior to dispatch to customers.

Any fittings that fail this test are either rectified or scrapped.

Air TestingAir Testing