twin wall

Used when new inlets or outlets are required on existing pipelines.

Designed to either snap-on or solvent weld for quick installation times.

Lower cost and labour times compared to cutting pipes to add junctions.

Available in:

Equal e.g. 150mm x 150mm
Unequal e.g. 150mm x 225mm.

Available as standard in 45˚ and 90˚ with custom angles available to order.

All fittings are adaptable to PVC, Clay, Concrete and steel pipes.

Please Note: Twinwall saddles are designed for agricultural and non sealed uses only. 

Socketed Unequal Oblique Saddle

Socketed Unequal Oblique Saddle

Socketed Equal Oblique Saddle

Socketed Equal Oblique Saddle

Fabricated Twinwall Fittings Saddles (non-sealable)QTY reqd
CodeSize (mm)Angle
SAD150X80Y150 X 8045°
SAD150X150T150 X 15090°
SAD150X150Y150 X 15045°
SAD160X180T160 X 18090°
SAD200X160T200 X 16090°
SAD225X80Y225 X 8045°
SAD225X150Y225 X 15045°
SAD225X150T225 X 15090°
SAD225X225T225 X 22590°
SAD225X225Y225 X 22545°
SAD250X80T250 X 8090°
SAD300X80Y300 X 8045°
SAD300X110Y300 X 11045°
SAD300X150Y300 X 15045°
SAD375X100T375 X 10090°
SAD375X150T375 X 15090°
SAD375X150Y375 X 15045°
SAD375X160T375 X 16090°
SAD375X225T375 X 22590°
SAD400X150T400 X 15090°
SAD450X150T450 X 15090°
SAD450X225T450 X 22590°
SAD375X300T375 X 30090°
SAD600X150Y600 X 15045°
SAD600X225T600 X 22590°
SAD750X160T750 X 16090°
SAD900X300T900 X 30090°